Using the VeriChip ID system to replace credit cards

See also: Tough sell ahead for the VeriChip implant ID system
From: Richard M. Smith [] 
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2002 2:36 PM
Subject: My comments about today's CBN article on VeriChip

Hi Dr. Kickasola,

I just saw your quote in today's CBN article about the VeriChip identification system:

   A Microchip Makes Its Mark: VeriChip & the Beast

   "My judgment is, no they do not," Kickasola said. "I think 
   it's both illogical and unfair to make that assertion, and 
   let me tell you why. I think the Bible clearly says the mark 
   of the Beast is for buying and selling and that it is also 
   coerced, it's government enforced. On the face of it, these 
   microchips are for good purposes, like for medical records, 
   like for lost children. They're not for buying or selling, 
   as is described in the book of Revelation." 

Not being a Biblical scholar, I can't really comment on the book of Revelation.  
However as a technologist, it is pretty clear to me that the VeriChip identification 
system can replace credit cards as more convenient and secure method of paying for 
goods and services.  A VeriChip couldn't be lost or stolen like a credit card.  
In addition, I believe that the technology makes it difficult for the crooks to 
duplicate someone's ID number.

In commerce, I would expect that the VeriChip identification system to be used 
much the SpeedPass system from ExxonMobil is used today:

This system makes use of a key ring gadget to replace a credit card at self-service 
stations to buy gas.  This system is now being expanded to MacDonald's.  In theory, 
it can work any place of business that accepts credit cards and has a SpeedPass reader.

A VeriChip payment system would work just like a SpeedPass, except a person would 
just wave their hand by a reader instead of a SpeedPass.  I think that both consumers 
and merchants would find such a payment system very convenient to use.

Even though someone might originally have a VeriChip installed in their hand as a 
medical id tag, the same chip could also be used in a payment system like I've outlined.  

The business development folks at Applied Digital Systems are almost surely 
interested in the payment system market for VeriChip.  It is the ultimate market 
for this technology because they get to sell chips to every person who uses a 
credit card today and readers to every merchant.

Richard M. Smith